Theodore Hubbard


He was filled with the Spirit of Christ. His life, music and relationships wrote this message in our hearts. His last days filled the air and musical brains of others with sounds of “He’s A Well of Water in My Soul" or Ain’t Nobody’s fault but mine" or "Wait On the Lord" or "Jesus You’re the Center of my life…” .He now rests with the Lord. His paths started in the southern U.S. and took him to several continents. He was a serviceman and an interpreter for missionaries in Spanish speaking lands.. His most recent years were in Michigan. No piano or musical key or scale was a stranger. If you breathed you were a student to be enlightened. Your brain and spirit were decorated with the circle of fifths, improvisations, runs and licks.. He was a portrait of jazz, boogie woogie, classical and African American Gospel. His heritage was Dorsey, Martin and Bradford. Music is indeed a universe in our galaxy. Mr. Hubbard was known to have directed choirs and taught students across national lines. The operas raced through his blood.
Sunrise: October 21, 1936
Nature Scene01
Silver Piano Sunset: October 25, 2003
Nature Scene03